Be treated like you're the only fish in the sea.

At HulaFish, we get to know you and the pain points that keep you up at night. We then propose unique solutions that fit within your budget to drive acquisition and retention while building brand love.

Our strategies involve understanding the big picture, the objectives and the uniqueness of your organization. We’ll bring the following to our work:

  1. We’ll always aim to create value and make your life easier. As your marketing partner, it’s our responsibility to see additional opportunities for your business. We’ll remember deadlines, propose ideas and swim upstream to bring more opportunity for your business.
  2. We always think of your marketing budget like our own. We will never propose solutions that we don’t believe in. We aim to keep your spend nimble while driving the most bang for the buck. Spend their money as careful as you would your own. Put the client’s interest first and take a long-term view.
  3. We ensure our creative approach is linked to strategy. We don’t believe in doing marketing for “marketing sake” – we believe there is more to being “creative” than flashy graphics.  For each project, we set specific “SMART” goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely!
  4. We apply creativity to everything we do. Whether it’s creating a brand positioning strategy, advertising, a graphic identity or even writing copy, creativity flows through everything we do.
  5. We’ll become an extension of your staff. We believe in a partnership approach, becoming an integral part of your team. We’ll take a proprietary interest in your business and treat it as our own. We’ll make suggestions and will always offer our recommendations.