We prefer to be small fish.

Being small allows us to be lean and nimble for our clients, and thus more cost effective than other large agencies. And after all, it’s the small fish in the pond that has the most room to swim, right?

At HulaFish, we can scale up or down to meet your needs at any given point in time. In addition to our core team, we have a number of contract marketing professionals we can bring on board as needs arise.

Since 2006, our partners, Jamie and Jennifer have worked together to help clients solve problems through solid positioning, clear messaging and beautiful design. We believe you're great at doing what you do. Let us focus on what we do great — growing your business by creating long-lasting marketing strategies.

Jamie Sharp
Partner, Graphic Designer

Jennifer Giardino
Partner, Marketing Strategist

Jamie brings over 15 years of professional experience designing for small, medium and large businesses, agencies and brands. Jamie drives the process of creating and designing experiences that help her clients grow their business. She thrives on creative challenges and has worked across a variety of design mediums, specializing in the visual communication of new and existing brands. As a visual problem solver, she brings a unique passion to every project, focusing on designing materials that achieve success through simplicity and clarity of design. Jamie's specialties in B2B, B2C, government and non-profit include brand identity, print and web design, web/email graphics, promotional and package design. She has vast experience in creating and implementing branding and style guidelines across print and digital.

Jennifer brings years of agency experience with diverse industry and account sizes to HulaFish. She is responsible for strategy development, project management, and execution of key client activities to support marketing, sales and brand goals. Her niche is creating strong brand identities and executing integrated marketing plans for clients to generate awareness and demand using a variety of marketing tools, metrics and ROI targets. Her experience in developing lead generation programs has had significant success in delivering high quality leads in alignment with client’s product marketing initiatives. She also guides client activities across all relevant social media platforms and leads the development of competitive messaging to differentiate client's products and services. She has years of experience in providing strategic recommendations on website navigation, strategy and design to align with audience profiles.